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Why You Need a Neck Wedge Today!

Chronic Neck pain

If you have read my ongoing blog series Fight of the Syrinx you know that I had pretty traumatic Spinal surgery in late 2016. If not check out that blog series Here. From this surgery I have near constant pain in my neck. And if we want to get even more specific it is at the base of my skull and where the neck intersects the back (see photo).

In the past I have used heavy duty pain killers and muscle relaxers. But these are addictive, bad for your overall health, and left me feeling foggy.  I then switched to mass amounts of ibuprofen and Tylenol. Both also not great for your body, especially the liver, when taken for long periods of time. Over the past 6 months I have been trying more natural approaches to my pain. I want to help my body heal not work against it.

What is a Neck Wedge

Basic Foam neck wedge

If you are not quiet certain what a neck wedge is or how it differs from a neck pillow, then let me explain. A neck pillow is normally round and soft. It gives added comfort but does little beyond that. A neck wedge is a triangular foam pillow, not memory foam. It uses the weight of your head to traction your neck. This helps restore the natural curve of the neck and relieves tensions and strain.

I try to use my neck wedge once a day. The consistency really is key to the tension relief you feel. To optimize my time on the neck wedge I set a timer for 5 to 10 minuets, I turn off the lights in my room and shut my door. This way I can take this time to really focus on myself and truly relax, thus letting the wedge do its thing. I have to say I was a bit skeptical when I first brought my wedge home. But within a few days of regular use I started to notice a difference.

Who can Use it?

I use the Neck wedge to help manage my pain from surgery. But that doesn’t mean that you have to have had surgery to use this nifty little guy.  Michael, my husband uses it to help bring back the curve to his cervical spine. The lack of a cervical curve causes pain and headaches for him.  It can also help with pain we get from our day to day lives. A large number of us sit at computers for most of our day, without the correct posture 100% of the time this causes strain and pain in our necks. Another common thing that causes neck pain is looking ot our phones. When you head is tilted forward even just one inch it adds up to 10 pounds for your neck to support.

If you have more questions about neck wedges and specifically how to use them, please contact your chiropractor or PCP. You can find neck wedges on amazon but I suggest asking your chiropractor first. They usually have them for a much better price!

Please contact you PCP or Chiropractor before using a neck wedge.

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