Fight of the Syrinx

Im Home… Now What.

I had waited so long to come home, it was what made me push so hard in rehab. But then I got home… My walked barely fit through our doors, I had to step over a large ledge to get into my shower, my bed was too high for me to get into. and that was just the big things that made being home hard. My first night home I was truly happy. I laid next to Michael all propped up with pillows and tried to sleep. But my sleep schedule was super wonky. I had been in the hospital for a month where they wake you up all the time and there are beeps and boops at all hours of the day.  Sleeping in a dark quiet room was now foreign to me. But eventually I did sleep and I slept good!

The next morning Michael got up and went to work, leaving me with the kids for a few hours until my mom came and picked them up. And wow you think kids wear you out normally, I felt like a bus had hit me and I only was with them for 2 hours! Wake up call for sure. But I was happy to be tired cause I had been missing these kids for a month and now I could finally spend time with them.

Home Health.

Before i left the hospital I was set up with home health. Not like a full-time nurse to come and take care of me, just a physical therapist. She came out the day after I was discharged to do an eval. I guess I passed cause she set up therapy dates for the following 2 weeks. Having her come to me those first couple weeks was such a blessing! I couldn’t drive so the less I had to go out of the house the better. She gave me lots of exercises to do while I was at home. She also got me prepared for my big outing, which was the Sunday after my discharge.

Jasper and Evey after getting their faces painted at Jurassic Quest.

Jurassic Quest!

The photo I had to be held up for

When I was in rehab one night Jasper and Evey came to visit me. They were so excited, but it wasn’t because of coming to see me. They had just watched a commercial for Jurassic Quest. It’s a big dinosaur exhibit with bounce houses, animatronic dinos, fossil digs and much more. They were so excited that I set it as my goal to be out of the hospital by the time it came to town so we could go.

Well the day came and my whole family, Mom, Dad, Sister, Michael and kids loaded into the car and headed to Jurassic Quest. The in-laws met us there. I had my walked and a wheelchair in tow cause I still was not up for a lot of walking. Jurassic Quest was amazing! the kids had a blast and so did I. My family took turns pushing me in my wheelchair. It was strange being out and about after being in for so long. And I still was not used to the looks and stares from other people.

By the end of the adventure I was absolutely exhausted! My whole body was shaking and I hadn’t even been walking. I was sitting the whole time! The kids wanted a photo but I had to stand to pose for it. We got the photo but it was definitely a group effort! When we got home I decided I needed to lay down, and I slept for 4 hours!

Not Like They Use to Be.

Life definitely wasn’t what it use to be. I fatigued much faster, I couldn’t walk without an assistive device, and I couldn’t care for my home or family as I once had. It was a bit depressing. I started to feel useless and struggled to stay motivated in my day to day life.

But then I remembered all the amazing things in my new life. My family had been and continued being amazing! They helped with the kids, driving me places, and even hired a cleaning company to help me with the house! My friends in our congregation had set up meals. They fed Michael and the kids the whole time I was in the hospital and continued with meals after I got home. Michael was so helpful, he really stepped up with the kids and even helped me do things like shower. And my kids were amazing too! They were always asking if i needed help or if they could get stuff for me.

All in all, even though life had changed I still had SO many good things to dwell on. After the first 2 weeks home I was taken off Home therapy and sent to an out-patient rehab, that’s when the real progress started!


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