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Happiness Jar!

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything’s perfect. It means You’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Happiness is something people have strived for since the beginning of time. There are many differing opinions on how to become happy, but I have found personally that keeping it simple just works better. I came across a post about a Happiness Jar a few months ago. I though it was a cool idea but I already write in my positivity journal and thought, im doing good! And I was doing good, but in the last week I have felt more pain than normal and it started to bring my positivity level down. Then I remembered the Happiness Jar.

What is a Happiness Jar?

The idea of a Happiness Jar is not new, it has been circling the internet for awhile now. But what is a happiness jar? Its pretty simple. Its a Jar, store bought or Home made, that you add to every day and then at the end of one year you open it up.

What do I put in my Happiness Jar?

The secret to these jars is what you fill them with. Everyday you or one of your family members write down:

  • Your happiest moment that day
  • Something you are grateful for
  • An admission ticket, maybe to the zoo, a concert, or theme park, etc
  • Notes from you kids with their happiest moment from the day

Keep it simple.

With something like a Happiness Jar the key is to keep it simple and make it part of your routine. I plan on adding to my Jar at night at the same time that I write in my positivity journal. (If you would like to read more about positivity journals click Here) I am hoping to also have my husband and kids write a happy note at least once a week. We all need to have the chance to reflect on the happy moments in our days.

The best part of the Happiness Jar is when you open it up! This can be after a bad day when your needing a little pick me up. Or in a year when your jar is nice and full of wonderfully happy moments. The point is it is up to you. I am personally going to try for a year.

How it Helps.

Your probably asking yourself, Why would I do this? well for one it is so good for our mental health to end your day with a positive thought. So when you are thinking about your day and remembering all the good that happened it makes your brain happy. And second, think of all the wonderful memories you will get to relive when you open your jar. You could make it a yearly tradition and reminisce about all the good you have had in your life over the past  year. Lets face it, it is so easy to let the bad in our lives weigh us down. Why not give the Happiness Jar a try and who knows maybe it will leave you feeling happier.

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