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Stress = Cold Sore

I don’t know about you but for me getting a cold sore is one of the most miserable things. Its crazy how something so small can cause so much pain and discomfort. Last week was crazy and stress filled, and wouldn’t you know it all that stress caused a cold sore. Stress is the biggest trigger for me, but you can also get them from too much sun or wind. I know they have some really good medications to take care of cold sores, and I have used them. When I was pregnant with my daughter, Evey, I got one cold sore after another and the only way to treat them was with heavy duty medication. If you are like me, then you would rather take care of things more naturally and reserve the meds for when you really need them.


There are SO many different treatments for cold sores. So instead of listing them all out for you I am going to go over the ones that have really benefited me. The most important thing about treating a cold sore is that you need to start as soon as you feel that first little tingle! This goes for treating both naturally and with medication.


Lets start with how your diet can affect your healing. When you feel like you are getting a cold sore it is good to start try to eat foods rich in the amino acid L-lysine. L-lysine has been proven to inhibit the replication of the Herpes virus that cause Cold Sores. Food that are rich in L-lysine are legumes, fish, turkey, chicken, and most vegetables. You should also try to avoid sugar as it inhibits the healing process.


Now if you are not getting enough L-lysine in your diet you can always take it as a supplement. You can take up to 1000Mg 3 times per day. For some with chronic cold sores it is suggested to take 500Mg 3 times per day every day, not just with an outbreak. Other supplements that have been proven helpful against cold sores are Vitamin C, 1000Mg a day. And Zinc, 30Mg twice a day. As with any supplements check with your doctor before using in case they are know to react with other medications that you are taking.

Topical Balms and Oils

Now lets move on to the topical treatments. The first to come to mind is again L-lysine ointment, seeing a pattern right. You can apply it up to 4 times a day. I have seen quicker healing times with this alone. You can also use Lemon balm extract (Melissa officinalis). You can apply this balm up to 4 times a day as well. On top of the L-lysine I like to layer on some essential oils. The 2 that I have found to work the best are Tea Tree (melaleuca), and Lavender. I apply them directly to the blisters with a q-tip. If you have sensitive skin you will want to test each of the oils on your skin before applying them to a cold sore. They both can sting a little and be slightly uncomfortable but in my opinion it is completely worth it. My cold sore that I got last week is almost healed and all I have done is rotate Tea Tree and Lavender oil! Other oils that you can apply directly to the affected area are: Peppermint, Helichrysum,Melissa, and Bergamont.

Happy Smiles

Cold sores really cramp our style. It hurts to smile, laugh, even eat! I hope that you can apply some or all of these natural remedies and have a quicker more natural healing. And be sure to wear a big smile knowing that you beat a cold sore the natural way!

I am not a doctor or health professional. If you have questions or concerns consult your physician before using.



  • Linda

    Good to know, thank you! I heard somewhere that sometimes chronic cold sores are caused by a weakened immune system. Eating immune boosting foods, like fermented foods, can help along with taking your vitamin C and zinc.

  • Euphemia

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and just wanted to say what a informative article this is. I’ve had cold sores since forever and have only recently tried to take a natural path to remedy them. I’ve begun using essential oils and they work GREAT! I’ve even written about it on my own blog coupled with the info on your blog, it seems like there are some very helpful natural cures for this life long virus.

    • ChronicallyHappy

      It is quite amazing what essential oils and herbal blends can do for the body. I am so glad you enjoyed this blog!

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