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DIY Wool Dryer Balls

The Great Garbage Patch

For the last few months my son comes home from school and tells me about the interesting things he has learned. A topic that seems to be on his mind and heart a lot is the great garbage patch. Honestly I was not 100% sure what the great garbage patch was. So I did a little research and it was shocking.

I wont go into too many details about it so the short version is that there is a HUGE island of garbage just floating around the ocean. There are more than one but the biggest has been named the great garbage patch. It is almost twice the size of Texas! The more I read the more shocked I was that we have created such a terrible thing, that affects not only sea life but us as humans. Click Here to read a short article about the great garbage island.

So your probably asking what the heck do wool dryer balls have to do with this great garbage island… And the answer is this. If each of us can take the initiative to use more natural and sustainable items in our day to day lives we just might be able to slow down the growth of these garbage islands.

Ok I am stepping off my soap box.

Making a Wool Dryer Ball

The biggest reason I chose to make these wool dryer balls is because of how simple the process is! We all have to start somewhere and this seemed like as good of place as any.

What You Need

You don’t need much to make Wool Dryer balls, its one of the beauties of this DIY.

  • 100% Wool yarn, check to make sure it will felt
  • Non felting yarn or string
  • A pair of Nylons
  • A knitting needle

How You Make it

It took me a few tries to really get into a good rhythm while making the dryer balls, but I also have terrible dexterity. So don’t give up if you start off having a bit of trouble wrapping your dryer balls.

Wrapping Your Wool Dryer Ball

  • Wrap your yarn around 3 fingers about 20 times.
  • Pull the wrapped yarn off your fingers, being careful to not let it unravel
  • Wrap 10 to 20 times in the opposite direction.
  • Now start wrapping the yarn but with each wrap turn your “ball” slightly, this will make it start to form an actual ball
  • Continue wrapping until you have reached your desired size. I made mine about 3.5 inches wide
  • Cut the yarn
  • Thread the tail of the yarn through the knitting needle
  • Pull yarn tight and thread through the center of your yarn ball, pulling your tail through to the other side
  • Trim the tail
  • Repeat steps for the desired amount of dryer balls

Felting Your Wool Dryer Ball

  • Place Wool Ball into the nylon
  • Move the wool ball to the toe of the nylon, making it as tight as possible
  • Tie the non felting yarn or string around the nylon, keeping the wool ball as tight as possible
  • Repeat steps 1-3 for all wool balls
  • When you have secured all your wool balls cut the nylon
  • Wash your nylon full of wool balls on the hottest setting,  it helps to wash them in a load of towels or jeans so they are roughed up as much as possible
  • Dry your wool balls along with the rest of the load on the highest heat setting
  • Remove from laundry and cut the dryer balls out of the nylon. They will be a little stuck to the nylon, this is a good thing it means they felted completely

Using You Wool Dryer Balls

Now that you have your wool balls, how do you use them? As the name suggests you just throw them in the dryer. They will cut down your dry time and the amount of static in your laundry. These dryer balls will replace any dryer sheets or plastic dryer balls that you have. As an added bonus you can add essential oils to your dryer balls to give you laundry a light and fresh scent without the harsh chemicals used by commercial dryer sheets!

The best part about these DIY wool dryer balls is that they are all natural and will not clog up our landfills and oceans. You can feel good knowing that you have done your part in helping our planet!

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